The Right MSK Care At the Right Time Focused On Quicker Return To Work and Reduced Costs

Don’t Let Musculoskeletal Issues And Associated Pain Impact Your Employee’s Productivity

As a claims manager, you care about the right care at the right time for the injured worker to speed recovery and return to work. Perhaps the most important component of physical therapy is what happens at home, where the majority of recovery occurs. We’ve created a solution.

Meet Recupe. Recupe empowers the injured worker through a bio-psycho-social approach critical to driving sustainable engagement. Recupe augments the physician, physical therapist, and nurse case managers by giving vital support to injured workers at-home or on-the-go in following their care programs and prescribed home exercises, while maintaining aligned stakeholder communication.

Our FDA Registered Cutting Edge Solution

Our on-the-go recovery program augments care providers to extend care beyond the clinic and empowers patients to take charge of their recovery under the motivation and guidance of Recupe.

Musculoskeletal Care

Recupe is for all Musculoskeletal issues

Recupe supports all
major joints

Recupe augments providers at home

Recupe delivers insights and analytics

We Serve

Non-Surgical Patients

Surgical Patients

Catastrophic Cases

Old Claims Cases

Simplified Injured Worker Experience Using Bio-Psycho-Social Method

The Recupe approach uses the bio-psycho-social method that allows us to use empathy and understanding to find your injured workers personal motivators for quicker, long-lasting results.

Plethy Patient App

Easy-to-use Patient App

The Recupe app guides injured worker through easy-to-follow recovery programs to complete at-home or on-the-go. Recupe is available in Spanish and English.

Easy-to-wear Sensor

The Recupe Sensor supports injured worker while doing home exercises as prescribed by their physical therapist or physician.

Empathetic Coaches

Recupe coaches motivate injured worker and deliver personalized in-app notifications, and communicate via text, email, or phone.

Actionable Insights

Recupe delivers actionable insights into injured worker’ engagement, recovery progress, and alerts for quicker intervention. Recupe is HIPAA compliant.

Simplified Injured Worker Experience Using Bio-Psycho-Social Method

Simplified Injured Worker Journey, Simplified Care Team Engagement, and Simplified Claims Adjuster Workflow

Referral from claims adjuster or care team

Recupe team onboards injured worker

Injured worker follows care program

Recupe coach motivates injured worker and engages with clinician or PT as needed

PT progresses injured worker care program. Recupe coach updates in app

Recupe team tracks recovery progress, collects outcome survey, and monitors activities


The American College of Physicians (ACP), American Telemedicine Association (ATA), and the Organization for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA) developed the Digital Health Assessment Framework (DHAF), an open framework of 400 criteria, to support the identification and adoption of high-quality digital health technologies.

The Assessment covers three main domains:

mark - white

Clinical assurance and safety

web-security - white

Data and privacy

smartphone - white

Usability and accessibility


Benefits Of Partnering With Plethy Recupe


Recupe increases injured worker compliance therefore improving treatment outcomes

Recupe speeds up and strengthens recovery


Recupe provides real time engagement and recovery insights

Recupe provides real-time data that documents progress and keeps claims and care team aligned


Recupe monitoring enables early recognition of problems and early response

Recupe enables decreasing emergency room visits, avoiding transportation costs, and unnecessary medical treatment


Recupe supports cost reduction and modeling

Recupe enables claims cost reduction by avoiding additional services and analytics for modeling.

Injured worker engagement is our differentiation!

How we drive injured worker engagement?

  • It speeds up and strengthens recovery

  • Provides real-time data that documents progress

  • Alerts stakeholders to potential issues

So, how can we drive injured worker engagement? We meet each injured worker where they are. This approach leverages the bio-psycho-social aspect that is critical for engaging the worker while capturing necessary insights. This involves:

  • Understanding their home situation, motivations, and behaviors

  • Demonstrating empathy and understanding

  • Realizing the patient’s journey is not a straight line of consistent progress

  • Working with treating physican and PT to adapt the treatment plan as needed

  • Engaging with doctors, PTs, case managers, and claims adjusters as quickly as possible when issues arise

Plethy Stands Behind And Supports Your Injured Workers Throughout Their Recovery Journey

As a company we will meet the injured worker where they are and provide the support and the comfort they need. The Recupe program is fully functional in English and Spanish, giving every injured worker access to crucial musculoskeletal care. This includes having bilingual coaches and a bilingual app.

WorkersComp College Course

Technology Essentials (ATEC-TE)

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Our patients are our biggest advocates

“…within a week or two of starting the program I felt tremendous relief…”

tammy boyd

“…my ortho surgeon he couldn’t believe, he was amazed by my recovery…”

“I achieved the outcome I wanted with the Recupe app”
Plethy Logo Profile Testimonial Size

“The combination of Recupe and PT has been fantastic. I was able to go back to volunteering again, and that means the world to me.”


“Recupe drives measurable results”

“Plethy Recupe gave me the support I needed”

Martin Romine

“Recupe’s expertise transformed my recovery journey.”

“The app really helped and still does”
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