Expanding Remote Care With An Easy At-Home Recovery Program

Why Plethy

Better care: The success of every patient is our top priority. Focusing on engagement, Recupe empowers everyone to have a smooth and complete recovery.

Better results: Our three-part program creates a system using the bio-psycho-social method that allows us to use empathy and understanding to find each patient’s personal motivators for quicker, long-lasting results. This enables everyone to stay engaged in the program while providing quality results.

Rehabilitation with recovery: We focus on individual rehabilitation needs by analyzing and assessing patient rich data alongside individual emotional health for a holistic recovery.

Our patients are our biggest advocates

Patient Conversation

“The download of the app was really easy”

Patient Conversation

“Recupe will ensure you have a healthier, happier recovery”

Improving patient lives

We focus on musculoskeletal care as a foundation for overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Musculoskeletal health gives us the independence to follow the path life takes us or forge our own path. It leads to a better quality of life and the ability to perform normal activities of daily living – at home, at work, or at leisure.

Recupe is for you! With a wearable sensor and intuitive app patients and providers receive real-time data analytics that delivers crucial insights for our coaches to provide personalized patient care.

HIPAA Compliance

Plethy is HIPAA compliant and ensures PHI (Personal Health Information) is private and secure. We are an FDA Class I and Class II Registered solution.

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