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Connected Solution

We have taken the guess work out of tracking patient adherence to home exercise programs with real-time visibility into their compliance with home therapy and progress towards recovery. We know you want to deliver patient satisfaction, quality outcomes, and enhance your communication with your patient, which is why we put so much emphasis on the bio-psycho-social approach to patient centric care.

After you provide your patient instruction on their home exercises and show the proper way to do those exercises, your patients are on their own. Now what? We’ve created a solution.

Meet Recupe. Recupe is for all musculoskeletal conditions (MSK) – Non-surgical, surgical, and chronic pain. Recupe is for all major joints – ankle, knee, hip, lower back, cervical, shoulder, elbow, wrist, and fingers. Recupe augments the physical therapist by extending care to patients at-home or on-the-go in following their care program, including prescribed home exercises.

The Recupe Solution

Prescription from PT

Patient self-onboards with support from Recupe team

Patient follows care program

Recupe coach motivates patient and engages with PT as needed

Recupe coach motivates patient and engages with PT as needed

PT progresses patient care program. Recupe coach updates in app

Recupe team tracks recovery progress and monitors activities

Recupe team provides easy-to-follow billing report

Extend MSK Care At-Home And Gain New Reimbursements

The Recupe program enables you to support your patients in following the HEPs they learned during their in-person physical therapy visit at-home or on-the-go. Recupe monitors patients’ progress, enables you to tailor and adjust the program, and gain quality outcomes. The Recupe program is reimbursed by Medicare and commercial payors. We partner with your team to seamlessly implement Recupe Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) Program into your practice.

Recupe Augments The Clinic And The Physical Therapist By Supporting Each Patient Through Their Care Programs And PT Prescribed HEPs

Plethy Patient App

Easy-to-use Patient App

The Recupe app guides patients through easy-to-follow recovery programs to complete at-home or on-the-go. Recupe is available in Spanish and English.

Easy-to-wear Sensor

The Recupe Sensor supports patients while doing home exercises as prescribed by their physical therapist.

Empathetic Coaches

Recupe coaches motivate patients and deliver personalized in-app notifications, and communicate via text, email, or phone.

Actionable Insights

Recupe delivers actionable insights into patients’ engagement, recovery progress, and alerts for quicker intervention. Recupe is HIPAA compliant.

Here What Leading Orthopedic Surgeons Are Saying About Us

Dr. Brian Cohen

Ohio Health

“Plethy is a platform that allows me to extend my care and my communication with my patients into their homes. It forms a virtual connection between my patients and my team, so our patients stay engaged, and their path to recovery is clearly understood and monitored.”

Dr. Hunter Greene

Summit Orthopedic

“Recupe has added a layer of accountability for my patients. Recupe offers my patients both non operative and operative programs, which benefit their recovery process. My arthroplasty patient are able to mark their achievements with the Recupe app.”

Dr. Andrew Ehmke

Illinois Bone and Joint

“Recupe has allowed me to stay connected and engaged with my patients in ways I never thought possible. My patients feel comfort they are being monitored by my team at their home and can take care of concerns such as incision checks through the app without having to drive into the office.”

Insightful Patient Care

With the Recupe solution you receive real time data analytics that provide you with crucial insights to create a personalized care plan

Patient engagement is our differentiation!

You create the program. We individualize our engagement, meeting each patient where they are. This creates an overall increased engagement and leverages the bio-psycho-social method that is critical for engaging the patient while capturing necessary insights. This involves:

  • Understanding their home situation, motivations, and behaviors

  • Demonstrating empathy and understanding

  • Realizing the patient’s journey is not a straight line of consistent progress

  • Adapting the patient’s treatment plan as needed

  • Engaging the physical therapist as quickly as possible when issues arise

Benefits Of Partnering With Plethy Recupe


Recupe increases patient compliance therefore improving treatment outcomes

Recupe speeds up and strengthens recovery while providing data for quality outcomes.


Recupe monitoring enables early recognition of problems and early response

Recupe enables decreasing clinic and emergency room visits, while avoiding unnecessary medical treatment


Recupe improves patient satisfaction and testimonials

Recupe gives patients’ confidence that their care team is staying connected with them


Recupe improves clinic economics and generates new revenue

Recupe enables reimbursements for monitoring

The American College of Physicians (ACP), American Telemedicine Association (ATA), and the Organization for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA) developed the Digital Health Assessment Framework (DHAF), an open framework of 400 criteria, to support the identification and adoption of high-quality digital health technologies.

The Assessment covers three main domains:

mark - white

Clinical assurance and safety

web-security - white

Data and privacy

smartphone - white

Usability and accessibility

Plethy has signed the American Physical Therapy Association

Plethy has signed the American Physical Therapy Association

Digital Transparency pledge, illustrating our commitment to the fact that digital “physical therapy” services are only performed or directed by licensed physical therapists in accordance with all regulations and APTA’s Standards of Practice for Physical Therapy.


Dr. Paul Sasaura, Summit Orthopedic Specialist

“Recupe is an innovative way to not only track the progress of my joint patients, but it also adds another level of communication between my patients and our staff reassuring them that they are receiving the best care. My patients love it, and so do I.”

Dr. Aaron Roberts, Ohio Health

“My non-surgical patients experience access to care issues. They drive hours to consult with me. Plethy Recupe lets me stay connected with them and monitor their recovery. They love the easy to follow recovery programs that they can do at home.”

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