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Our Story

Plethy was founded by a board-certified practicing physician and tech industry leaders that experienced the challenges of recovering from their own musculoskeletal injuries. As they shared their experiences, it was this turning point when they decided they had an obligation to create something that would provide a quality support system with data rich analytics. They were determined to gather a diverse team that would combine medical and technological knowledge to create a cutting-edge program that balances quality, access, and cost. But they didn’t stop there. Their highest priority was and still is based on supporting individualized recovery needs that meets each patient where they are. This diverse team always puts the patient first and every patient’s journey is handled with the care and support that they deserve.

We’ve Taken Important Steps To Incorporate Environment, Social, and governance (ESG) issues Into All That We Do

Women Minority

We prioritize our female leaders and continue to provide them with ongoing support and opportunities that allow them to hold key positions.


Plethy operates as an  ethical company in supporting LGBTQ rights,  encouraging diversity among employees, and protects against sexual misconduct.


We are committed to a sustainable future and the overall, well-being of the community. We are dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and lead to social and economic progress. As a company, we ensure that we are eliminating e-waste by recouping all our sensors and using recyclable and reusable products. We are also entirely paperless and have moved to a digital/electronic workflow process.

Social Equity

Returnship is an important company driver as we provide female professionals the ability to enter back into the workforce at the same place, they left it.

The strength of our team comes from our unanimous goal of giving the best care possible.

Plethy’s ethos is Always Caring! This manifests in all that the Plethy team does for patients, care providers, partners, and our employees.

Raja Sundaram


Dr. Subu Subramanian


Bee-Bee Liew


Dr. Bo Chopko


Dr. Jamin Gorham, DPT

Clinical Oversight & Product

Dr. Tim Hui, DPT

Clinical Oversight & Product

Headshot - Michael T. Droege

Michael Droege

Commercialization - Healthcare

Candace Nolan

Sales - Workers Comp

Headshot - Alex Atkins

Alex Atkins

Client Account Management - Workers Comp

Ashley Hood

Client Account Management - Healthcare

Headshot - Aisha Moon

Aisha Moon

Customer Service Manager

Brooke Whitebread


Jason Jegge


Clinical Advisory Board

Dr. Hunter Greene

Summit Ortho / Mercy

Dr. Andrew Ehmke

Illinois Bone & Joint

Dr. Brian Cohen

Ohio Health

Dr. Atul Kamath

Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Paul Sasaura

Summit Ortho / Mercy

Dr. Aaron Roberts

Ohio Health

Dr. Kevin Murray

Stanford / ONC

Workers Comp Advisors

William Zachry

Board Member, California Fund

Joe Paduda

President at CompPharma

Barry Bloom

The BDB Group

Dr. Munish Batra

Personal Injury, Coastal Medical

Industry Advisors and Board Members

Dr. Gary Goldman

Founding General Partner, Global Health Impact Fund

Matt Jacobson

CEO, SignatureMD

Paul Chirico

CEO, Silver Bullet Therapeutics

Paul Humphries

President, Flex


Making a Difference

UCSF Digital Health Award Winner

UCSF Digital Health Award Winner

Employer Subsidized Wellness

UCSF Digital Health Award

Employer Prevention & Wellness

UCSF Digital Health Award

Best Remote Diagnostics Company

UCSF Digital Health Nominee

Rising Stars in the digital health field

Our Mission

At Plethy, we strive to give independence, strength, and confidence back to those confined by musculoskeletal problems.

Our Values

Plethy was founded on three key values:

  • Commitment to inclusive care. No matter someone’s age, race, gender, identity, or background, everyone deserves access to musculoskeletal care. We strive to create an inclusive world where distance from specialists, costs of copay, or scheduling restraints does not prohibit vital care.
  • Compassion for all individuals. We understand that motivation and support are vital to recovery. Because of this, we focus on fostering an inspirational environment so that each patient has the foundation for a successful recovery.
  • Commitment to personalized care . Every person is different, and every person needs a different approach to musculoskeletal care. We tailor to the individual by using their home recovery metrics, unique personality, and a mix of clinical and virtual care to create the perfect care plan.
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