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Deliver high-quality outcomes and patient satisfaction


Have the confidence to know that the right MSK care is being
delivered at the right time to your employees


Recupe delivers easy to follow personalized care programs for all MSK conditions.


Musculoskeletal Care Programs

We deliver easy to follow at-home recovery programs. We empower individuals to stay engaged and recover.

For Healthcare and Workers comp

For Doctors and PTs

Plethy Recupe enables you to extend care into the patients home and provides you recovery insights to help improve outcomes. Gain new reimbursements or manage costs in bundles.

For Self-Insured and Payors

Plethy Recupe enables you to support your injured employee in their recovery at home and support accelerated return to work.


Meet Plethy Recupe

Plethy Recupe delivers easy to follow personalized at-home care programs for all musculoskeletal conditions with recovery metrics.

Recupe is for all musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions :: Non-surgical and Surgical. Recupe is for all major joints :: Ankle, knee, hip, lower back, cervical, shoulder, elbow, and wrist.


User-friendly recovery programs with videos. Behavior-based coaching.


Easy-to-wear IoT sensor for all joints. Track range of motion for home exercises


Coach who motivates patients based on behavior.


Cloud-based real time recovery insights and metrics

Testimonials and News Segments

CBS News

Segment on Plethy Recupe in group health and workers comp.

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Bob Wilson at wrote a blog...

The Plethy assisted knee healed faster, required fewer physical therapy sessions, and had greater flexion when therapy was completed than the knee that had gone through unassisted traditional care. And that is a huge win in my book.

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Joe Paduda Blog

Plethy has involved orthos, DPTs, and other clinicians in the entire development process, Tech should NEVER displace the involvement of clinical experts.

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Virtual care and Remote Physical Therapy with Recupe

In this episode, ADJUSTED welcomes Raja Sundaram...

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Dr. Brian Cohen

Dr. Brian Cohen, Ohio Health

Plethy is a platform that allows me to extend my care and my communication with my patients into their homes. It forms a virtual connection between my patients and my team, so our patients stay engaged, and their path to recovery is clearly understood and monitored.
Dr. Hunter Greene

Dr. Hunter Greene, Summit Orthopedic

Recupe has added a layer of accountability for my patients. Recupe offers my patients both non operative and operative programs, which benefit their recovery process. My arthroplasty patient are able to mark their achievements with the Recupe app.
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