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Plethy’s Recupe program is a HealthTech and InsurTech solution.

Recupe delivers personalized at-home care programs for musculoskeletal conditions, delivering analytics-driven recovery for patients and faster claims closure for payors.

Recupe empowers recovery through personalized care and digital insights

Recupe is offered in English and Español and for all musculoskeletal conditions (MSK) – Non-surgical, surgical, and chronic pain. Recupe is for all joints – foot, ankle, knee, hip, lower back, cervical, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, and fingers.

As a HealthTech solution, Plethy’s Recupe program empowers physicians to extend care beyond the clinic, provide better patient outcomes for all musculoskeletal conditions, gain quality scores and positively impact revenue cycle management.

As an InsurTech solution, the Plethy Recupe program empowers injured workers to take charge of their pace of recovery and deliver smart insights for self-insured and carriers to engage early and supports quicker claim resolution.  

Plethy Recupe generates bio-psycho-social data that powers an AI / ML analytics engine to deliver personalized care, intervene quicker, and support quality recovery. We are predicting the duration and cost of the claim to support sustainable cost savings.  

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New Patient Engagement App by Plethy
Helps patients recover faster and save money

Play Video about A new physical therapy app by Plethy could save money and help patients recover faster

Explore Our Solutions

Workers Comp

The Recupe program engages and empowers injured workers to take an active role in their recovery. This easy to implement program aligns closely with the claims adjuster, treating physician, PT/OT, and Case Manager to support a quicker return to work.

Physicians / Health Systems

The Recupe RPM (Remote Physiological Monitoring) program empowers physicians to extend care beyond the clinic, drives patient engagement, collects valuable recovery analytics and PRO-PM, and improves clinic economics. Clinic staff love the program’s simplified workflow.

Physical Therapist

The Recupe RTM (Remote Therapeutic Monitoring) program empowers physical therapist to support their patients in following their prescribed home exercises (HEP), collects valuable recovery analytics and PRO-PM, and improves clinic economics. PTs do not see any increased burden in implementing the program.

Empowering At-Home MSK Care

We recognize that a majority of recovery occurs at home and patients face obstacles to recovery. This includes health equity, access-to-care issues, lack of support and motivation, and language barriers.

We focus on musculoskeletal care, which serves as the cornerstone of holistic well-being encompassing physical, mental, and emotional health. Musculoskeletal health empowers us with the freedom to navigate life’s diverse journeys and to carve our unique paths. It not only enhances our quality of life but also enables us to effortlessly engage in everyday activities, whether at home, work, or during leisure pursuits.

We meet each patient where they are. This involves: 

  • Understanding their home situation, motivations, and behaviors
  • Demonstrating empathy and understanding 
  • Realizing the patient’s journey is not a straight line of consistent progress
  • Adapting the patient’s treatment plan as needed as directed by care providers
  • Engaging with clinicians and payors as quickly as possible when issues arise

Our FDA Registered Cutting Edge Solution

Plethy’s Recupe program focuses on markets that demand patient engagement and quality outcomes. Our successful partnership with healthcare providers across the country is a testament to that. Our peer-reviewed clinical studies demonstrate the positive impact we make towards quality outcomes.

Plethy Patient App

Easy-to-use Patient App

The Recupe app in Spanish and English, guides patients through the episode of care prescribed by their physician and PT.

Easy-to-wear Sensor

The Recupe Sensor supports patients while doing their prescribed home exercises and tracks progress.

Empathetic Coaches

Recupe’s bilingual coaches deliver personalized coaching and support patients throughout their recovery.

Actionable Insights

Recupe delivers HIPAA compliant actionable insights to care providers on patients’ engagement, recovery progress, and alerts for quicker intervention.

Digital Health Assessment Framework (DHAF) was developed by The American College of Physicians (ACP), American Telemedicine Association (ATA), and the Organization for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA). This open framework of 400 criteria, supports the identification and adoption of high-quality digital health technologies.


The Assessment covers three main domains:

mark - white

Clinical assurance and safety

web-security - white

Data and privacy

smartphone - white

Usability and accessibility

APTA DHPP Badge Logo

Illustrating our commitment to the fact that digital “physical therapy” services are only performed or directed by licensed physical therapists in accordance with all regulations and APTA’s Standards of Practice for Physical Therapy.

Recuperate Better With Recupe

Recupe delivers quality clinical outcomes

Days Faster

Recupe patients regain full function and full return to work capability 25-days earlier

Less Pain
0 %

Recupe patients experienced 41% less pain in 1-month

Increased ROM
0 %

Recupe patients experienced 78% higher improvement in Range of Motion

Less Complications
0 %

Recupe patients experienced 60% reduction in complications needing intervention

We’ve Taken Important Steps To Incorporate Environment, Social, and governance (ESG) issues Into All That We Do

Women Minority

We prioritize our female leaders and continue to provide them with ongoing support and opportunities that allow them to hold key positions.


Plethy operates as an  ethical company in  supporting LGBTQ rights, encouraging diversity among employees, and protects against sexual misconduct.


We are committed to a sustainable future and the overall, well-being of the community. We are dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and lead to social and economic progress. As a company, we ensure that we are eliminating e-waste by recouping all our sensors and using recyclable and reusable products. We are also entirely paperless and have moved to a digital/electronic workflow process.

Social Equity

Returnship is an important company driver as we provide female professionals the ability to enter back into the workforce at the same place, they left it.

What Our Patients And Customers Are Saying About Us

Dr. Hunter Greene

Summit Orthopedic

“Recupe has added a layer of accountability for my patients. Recupe offers my patients both non operative and operative programs, which benefit their recovery process. My arthroplasty patient are able to mark their achievements with the Recupe app.”

Dr. Andrew Ehmke

Illinois Bone and Joint

“Recupe has allowed me to stay connected and engaged with my patients in ways I never thought possible. My patients feel comfort they are being monitored by my team at their home and can take care of concerns such as incision checks through the app without having to drive into the office.”

“…within a week or two of starting the program I felt tremendous relief…”

“Plethy Recupe gave me the support I needed”

Martin Romine

“Recupe’s expertise transformed my recovery journey.”

Plethy Logo Profile Testimonial Size

“The combination of Recupe and PT has been fantastic. I was able to go back to volunteering again, and that means the world to me.”


“Recupe drives measurable results”

Balancing Quality, Access, and Cost

Recupe, delivers easy to follow care programs for the patient whenever and wherever convenient. Improved quality of care with recovery metrics, supporting quicker recovery and reduces cost of care.

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