Comprehensive musculoskeletal care.

We deliver easy to follow at-home recovery programs.
We empower individuals to stay engaged and recover.

In healthcare,

our clinically-validated programs

are prescribed by doctors

who strive to deliver

high quality outcomes.

In businesses,

our programs are designed

to enable employees'

injury prevention and

return to work after injury.

Our at-home recovery programs address all musculoskeletal issues.

Prevention, discomfort, work-related injury, no-surgical, surgery preparation and recovery, and chronic pain.

Plethy's Virtual Care Platform, allows you to do more for your patients by seeing them less. Remote monitoring is not the future of healthcare, it is the "now", and Plethy provides you the tools to get it done.

Dr. Brian Cohen, Ohio Health


Clinically-validated, patient-tested programs.

Recupe includes:

- wearable sensor
- patient app
- clinic dashboard
- Recupe coach™

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