We enable healthcare providers to extend care into the patient’s home

We empower patients to recover, stay engaged with their caregiver

Plethy Recupe™

Efficient care with technology

Plethy Recupe is a comprehensive platform for musculoskeletal care with joint motion sensor, intuitive app, and intelligent clinic dashboard.

Platform digitizes care protocols, engages patients, at their convenience; while providing visibility to recovery progress via patient-reported, and sensor-generated data.

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Proven digital platform for virtual care delivery

For all musculoskeletal procedures- From surgery preparation to recovery and for all non-surgical orthopedic procedures.

With Recupe, you can:

Give your patients confidence that they can stay connected with you. Expand your reach, while also increasing the number of patients you can see. Differentiate your practice with data-driven precision care. Get rewarded for virtual care.

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How you can deliver Remote Patient Monitoring in Orthopedics with Recupe

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