Technology Essentials (ATEC-TE)

Technology Essentials (ATEC-TE)

At Plethy, we’re dedicated to advancing workers’ compensation through education and support, particularly in programs like Technology Essentials (ATEC-TE).

In today’s workplace, technology is ubiquitous, and it’s transforming workers’ compensation. Predictive analytics, the cloud, cybersecurity, EDI, Big Data, the Internet of Behavior, self-service apps, interoperability, and Artificial Intelligence are reshaping the claims process, affecting all stakeholders.

Understanding these tech concepts is crucial for everyone in the workers’ comp ecosystem. ATEC-TE, part of the Advanced Training & Education Center, offers a foundational understanding of these technologies. Graduates are better equipped to navigate the impact of new tech on their roles. Our belief is that those who see the bigger tech picture make more informed choices, even if they’re not IT experts.

Technology Essentials

ATEC-TE consists of eight modules, guiding students through tech’s role in the claims workflow. Experts explain complex concepts in a way that’s accessible to non-tech professionals. Completion of ATEC-TE courses on earns you the ATEC-TE certification.

This program, ATEC-TE, is a collaboration between and Plethy. Our goal is to demystify technology’s role in workers’ comp and empower the industry’s workforce.

Plethy proudly supports ATEC-TE, committed to evolving workers’ compensation through education and empowerment.

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