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Recupe Restores Your Mobility to Get You Back to The Things You Love Doing

Recupe Combines Remote Care With Personalized Motivation And Support

Recovering from musculoskeletal conditions and chronic pain shouldn’t be difficult.  This is why we created a program that puts your success as our top priority.  

The Recupe program gives you the tools to maximize your recovery and regain mobility to get back to doing what you love. Recupe includes easy-to-follow programs and easy-to-use technology, and experienced coaches who will support you throughout your recovery.

Recupe Supports You

Recupe is focused on assisting you with maximizing your recovery so you can return to your normal daily activities. We understand that things may come up along your recovery program and our coaches are here to support your journey as you need.

Recupe Coach

Recupe Coach will support and motivate you throughout your recovery.

Recupe App

Easy to use app on your phone with easy to follow along programs.

Recupe Sensor

It supports you in doing your home exercises as prescribed by your Physical Therapist.

Download Now

Are you ready to regain your mobility, vitality, and passion for life? It all starts with a simple click. The Recupe app is available for download on both the Play Store and the Apple Store. Take the first step towards a stronger, healthier you by clicking the links below:

Recupe Allows You To Manage Your Care


If you’re a non-surgical patient, the Recupe program guides you through at-home exercises, reminding you of daily tasks, and tracking your wellbeing, while keeping you connected to your doctor or specialist. Recupe gives you the strong foundation necessary for a successful recovery.


Recupe supports you to be physically, mentally, and emotionally ready for surgery and recovery. Pre-surgery, Recupe guides you through exercises and checklists. Post-surgery, Recupe guides you through exercises, reminds you to take your medication, tracks your pain level, and enables you to report your symptoms.

Chronic Pain

Recovering from pain shouldn’t be difficult. Recupe program guides you through at-home exercises to alleviate your pain. Recupe gives you the tools to manage your pain and regain mobility to get back to doing what you love.

Hear the Buzz from Top Orthopedic Surgeons

Dr. Andrew Ehmke, Illinois Bone and Joint

“Recupe has allowed me to stay connected and engaged with my patients in ways I never thought possible. The constant data stream gives me insights into the daily recovery process whereas previously I only got a few snapshots from their routine follow-ups. My patients feel comfort they are being monitored by my team at their home and can take care of concerns such as incision checks through the app without having to drive into the office.”

Dr. Aaron Roberts, Ohio Health

“My non-surgical patients experience access to care issues. They drive hours to consult with me. Plethy Recupe lets me stay connected with them and monitor their recovery. They love the easy to follow recovery programs that they can do at home.”

Meet Recupe

Easy-to-use Patient App

The Recupe app guides patients through easy-to-follow recovery programs to complete at-home or on-the-go. Recupe is available in Spanish and English.

Easy-to-wear Sensor

The Recupe Sensor supports patients while doing home exercises as prescribedby their physical therapist or physician.

Empathetic Coaches

Recupe coaches motivate patients and deliver personalized in-app notifications, and communicate via text, email, or phone.

Actionable Insights

Recupe delivers actionable insights into your patients’ engagement, recovery progress, and alerts for quicker intervention.

Faster Results

Days Faster

Recupe patients regain full function and full return to work capability 25-days earlier

Less Pain
0 %

Recupe patients experienced 41% less pain in 1-month

Increased ROM
0 %

Recupe patients experienced 78% higher improvement in Range of Motion

Less Complications
0 %

Recupe patients experienced 60% reduction in complications needing intervention

Doing What You Love Will Never Be Easier

Hear it from our previous patients

“…within a week or two of starting the program I felt tremendous relief…”

tammy boyd

“…my ortho surgeon he couldn’t believe, he was amazed by my recovery…”

“I achieved the outcome I wanted with the Recupe app.”

“Plethy Recupe gave me the support I needed”

“The app really helped and still does”
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