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Welcome to Recupe

At-home musculoskeletal care program We support your recovery and help you get back to things you love doing – at home, at work, or at leisure. Recupe offers easy follow care programs through an app, a sensor for your home exercises, and a coach who supports you throughout your recovery. You will still be seeing your doctor and your physical therapist. Recupe team will coordinate with them.

Meet Recupe

Meet Recupe

Recupe Coach

Recupe Coach will support and motivate you throughout your recovery.
Meet Recupe

Recupe App

Easy to use app on your phone with easy to follow along programs.
Plethy Recupe – Sensor

Recupe Sensor

Recupe Sensor supports you in doing your home exercises as prescribed by your Physical Therapist (PT).

What our patients say about Recupe

Meet Recupe


“Recupe was amazing in helping me prepare for surgery. After surgery, I did all of the exercises and got my independence back.”
Gail Sprague


"I felt more connected to the surgeon. To have your Recupe app…to do your exercises, that part was so emotionally motivating.”

How it works

Recupe is for all musculoskeletal injuries (surgical and non-surgical), for all major joints. Recupe enables you to stay connected with your care team

If you are undergoing surgery

Surgery Preparation:

Recupe guides you through pre-surgical exercises, surgery checklists, and reminders to complete your tasks.

Post-Surgery Recovery:

Recupe guides you through post-surgical exercises, reminds you to take your medication, tracks your pain level, enables you to report your symptoms, and reminds you to ice/heat and elevate with a timer.

Dr. Andrew Ehmke, Illinois Bone and Joint

Recupe has allowed me to stay connected and engaged with my patients in ways I never thought possible. The constant data stream gives me insights into the daily recovery process whereas previously I only got a few snapshots from their routine follow-ups. My patients feel comfort they are being monitored by my team at their home and can take care of concerns such as incision checks through the app without having to drive into the office.

For Non-Surgical Procedures

Recupe delivers easy to follow, step by step home care plan for recovery and keeps you connected to your caregivers. Recupe guides you in completing your at-home exercises, reminds you to take your medication, tracks your pain level, enables you to report your symptoms.

Dr. Aaron Roberts, Ohio Health

My non-surgical patients experience access to care issues. They drive hours to consult with me. Plethy Recupe lets me stay connected with them and monitor their recovery. They love the easy to follow recovery programs that they can do at home.

Hear what our patients have to say about Recupe

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