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Deliver high quality outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Extend MSK care at-home and gain new reimbursements.

Meet Plethy Recupe

Recupe augments the clinic and the physical therapist by supporting patients in following their care programs and PT prescribed HEPs.

Plethy Recupe delivers easy to follow personalized at-home care programs for all musculoskeletal conditions with recovery metrics.

Recupe is reimbursable.

Recupe is for all musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions :: Non-surgical and Surgical. Recupe is for all major joints :: Ankle, knee, hip, lower back, cervical, shoulder, elbow, and wrist. Plethy Recupe includes a wearable biosensor device, app-based programs, cloud-based data analytics, and behavior-based coaching.

Implementation is simple

Plethy Recupe is a turn key engagement. Clinic workload is minimal.


For surgical patients

Recupe™ helps your patients manage everything from pre-operative preparation to post-operative recovery. Recupe is fully customizable to your care protocols, pre-op and post-op instructions. Recupe is reimbursable

For non-op patients

Recupe™ supports your patient in managing their recovery in the comfort and safety of their own home by providing them with easy to follow at-home recovery programs, including exercises and coaching, with outcome metrics.

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Bob Wilson writes...

Regarding my personal experience thus far, it turns out that choosing to use the Plethy system has been a real blessing.

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