Joint health is foundational to quality of life

Musculoskeletal conditions and associated pain impact your productivity and employee mobility. Joint health is also critical for managing chronic conditions.

From factory floor, grocery aisle, programmers’ desk, to the board room, musculoskeletal problems impact us all. Have the confidence to know that the right care is being delivered and your employees are recovering.

Help them address their back and joint pain, and empower them to take care of their sprains and strains, chronic arthritis, and pre - and post - operative care.

Our virtual musculoskeletal care program Recupe empowers employees to manage their joint health at home through engaging technology.

Our solution educates and enables them to keep joints healthy and manage their chronic conditions.
  • Educate and empower employees
  • Motivate your employees to stick with their care plan
  • Manage your costs by facilitating employees to manage their own care
  • Recovery visibility

    • Visibility to employee adherence and recovery progress
    • Metrics and insights to help their care team determine the right follow-on care services
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