Have the confidence to know that the right MSK care is being delivered and your employees are recovering.

Recupe™ musculoskeletal care program empowers employees to manage their musculoskeletal health at home.

Musculoskeletal issues and associated pain impact your company's productivity.

From factory floor, grocery aisle, programmers’ desk, to the board room, musculoskeletal problems impact us all.

Enable your employees to address their back and joint pain.

Empower them to take care of their sprains and strains, joint pain, back pain, arthritis, and surgery preparation and recovery.

The right medical care at the right time significantly reduces lost time, produces early return to work and increases the productivity of the worker when they go back to work. Plethy Recupe programs helps the injured worker maximize recovery through encouraging and monitoring at-home PT activity. This works for both formal PT as well as doctor directed home recovery from minor injuries. It is a game changer which maximizes functionality for the injured body part.

Bill Zachry, Board Member, California State Compensation Insurance Fund

Workers Comp Solution

Focus on quicker return-to-work and reduced care costs.

Recupe™ and Recupe coach™ support recovery, monitor adherence to care plan, and deliver recovery metrics.

The Recupe™ coach keeps employees engaged and empowers them to manage their own care.

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I am using the Plethy Recupe system for my second knee replacement. I have found it to be a well thought out and useful application. Personally, it has improved my adherence to exercise therapy as it provides measurement feedback and guidance otherwise unavailable to patients working on their own between physical therapy sessions. It is pretty obvious that, properly employed by both patient and medical professional, outcomes for injured workers could be easily improved with the use of this system.

Bob Wilson, President & CEO, WorkersCompensation.com

Work Hardening Solution

Focus on strengthening and injury prevention.

Structured engagement that include musculoskeletal exercises, functional activities, and coaching.

Together with industrial athlete partners, we deliver individualized, highly-structured programs by job family.

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The critical part of injury prevention and recovery is the worker’s compliance with therapy. Plethy’s technology enables care givers to help the worker avoid injuries and get better faster by ensuring they are complying with home exercise and medication therapies.

Joe Paduda, Principal, Health Strategy Associates

Wellness and Benefits Program

Focus on reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.

Recupe™ and Recupe coach™ educates and enables employees to keep joints healthy, manage their pain, and get their mobility back.

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