Reimagining aging and recovery in place

Plethy was founded by a board certified practicing physician and tech industry leaders.

With over 150 years of combined medical and technology knowledge, the team is committed to enabling healthcare and businesses strike the balance between quality, access, and cost.

Why we are passionate about musculoskeletal care

We focus on musculoskeletal care as a foundation for overall physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Joint health gives us independence to follow all the paths life may take us, or to forge our own path. Joint health leads to a better quality of life and the ability to perform normal activities of daily living (ADL) – at home, at work, or at leisure

Joint health is also critical for managing chronic conditions. As we all grow older and live longer, the costs of joint care will only increase, further adding to the burden on society.

Our ethos

Plethy’s ethos is Always Caring. This manifests in all that the Plethy team does for patients, clinicians, partners, and our team.

This is us

Multidisciplinary team from technology and healthcare

Clinical Advisors

Dr. Brian Cohen

Ohio Health

Dr. Atul Kamath

Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Hunter Greene

Summit Ortho / Mercy

Dr. Andrew Ehmke

Illinois Bone & Joint

Dr. Paul Sasaura

Summit Ortho / Mercy

Dr. Aaron Roberts

Ohio Health

Dr. Kevin Murray

Stanford / ONC

Dr. Neville Alleyne

Ortho, North County

Dr. Munish Batra

Personal Injury / Coastal Plastic Surgeons

Workers Comp Advisors

Industry Advisors

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